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Service offer

With our customers at the center of everything we do. We stands out as your pharmaceutical development consultancy partner with fast, flexible and tailored solutions for poor water soluble and low bioavailable API.
Along with a depth of scientific knowledge applied to your problem we act directly through a flexible approach and fast communication o your evolving needs

  • Scientific and regulatory guidance on concept/strategy for your formulation and process developments
  • Review and define the right strategy toward technology selection taken into account the API/Excipients biopharmaceuticals aspects for oral delivery
  • Product and process understanding with gaps analysis, risk assessment, Critical Material Attributes using QbD approach
  • Linking Seamlessly your research, development, clinical & manufacturing teams
DelnovatR is a global partner in enabling pharma, biotech, and consumer health to optimize their products development from drug discovery to later stages clinical trials for patients around the world.
With broad and deep expertise in development sciences, delivery technologies, and Biopharmaceutics.
We would be happy to share our vision on how great science could be translated into high quality products & services.
We are devoted to drug delivery and pharmaceutical technology. We covers all innovative aspects of oral pharmaceutical dosage forms and the most advanced research on controlled release, bioavailability enhancements.

Over the last several decades, drug delivery has become one of the most important features of the pharmaceutical industry. Drug delivery systems have become vital to the marketing efforts of big pharmaceutical, generic, and specialty pharmaceutical companies. These technologies can provide precise, predictable drug-release rates, cellular targeting, improved stability, or more efficient uptake into the body. These critical features result in greater efficacy, reduced toxicity, lower costs, and most importantly, enhanced patient compliance. Evaluating the research in this expanding interdisciplinary field, and understanding commercial developments are essential to maintaining a competitive advantage.
Poor water solubility of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) is a major cause of attrition in the pharmaceutical industry. We help drugs reach their full therapeutic potential by enhancing bioavailability. Our Bio-Formulatics systematic and rational approach enables improvements in API solubility and bioavailability by using their physico-chemical, biological factors and in-silico modeling. This approach based on 30 years drug delivery expertises creation has initiated a new era of novel drug delivery applications that will transform the healthcare sector.

The Drug Current
Water Solubility Challenge

To solve the problem of poor solubility/dissolution of drugs and thus their oral bioavailability, we must understand the reason why is the compound exhibiting poor solubility:

  • Is the molecule displaying high crystallinity and high melting.
  • Is it highly lipophilic and low melting point ?

Obviously a continuum exists with molecules not fitting either extreme.

'Brick Dust' Molecules

Are usually compounds with high melting point > 200°C and log P < 2.
Their solubility in water is restricted due to strong intermolecular bonds within the crystal structure.

  • Very strong crystalline lattice energy is limiting to solubility.
  • Address by using bypassing crystalline state.

'Grease Ball' Molecules

Are usually compounds highly lipophilic with high log P > 3 and low melting point < 200°C.
These compounds cannot form bonds with water molecules, their solubility in water is limited by the solvation process.

  • Very low affinity for water is limiting to solubility.
  • Address by changing the nature of the solvent – “like dissolves like”.


Leaders in the Pharmaceutical Industries must therefore inspire to develop and integrate new Digital Tools (DT) that have the capacity to accelerate and redefine drug development from drug discovery to drug commercialization.

Specifically, for real impact to your business, your DT would need to demonstrate the following:

  • Predictive capacity i.e., Best technology, Best formulation = “Right First Time”.
  • Reduced reliance on trials errors, in turn decreasing costs, resources etc.
  • Strategic and economic benefits to our customers and patients.
  • More success translating project scoping activities into clinical development and speed to market.

Our Bio-FormulaticsR Platform answers all the above using the right technology while given you a competitive advantages, innovation and new patent applications by solving the ‘brick dust’ & ‘grease ball’ compounds water solubility challenges