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Dr. Hassan Benameur

Founder & Chief Executive Officer Delnovat® SAS

Dr. Hassan Benameur is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer since 2020 of DELNOVAT® SAS, an advisory company providing state-of-the-art expertise and consulting services for the development and execution of growth strategies across Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry for well-established compagnies as well as for Startups.

Dr. Hassan was the Chief Scientific Officer at Lonza Pharma & Biotech. Previously, he held several C-suit positions within Capsugel division of Pfizer: from leading the Colmar Development Center as R&D Director, to being the Pharmaceutical Business Development Director, until being appointed President and senior R&D director of Capsugel. Prior to joining Capsugel, Dr. Benameur held various positions in Pharmaceutical R&D within Therapeutica, SMB Galephar, and Gattefossé. In addition, Dr. Benameur was recently appointed as Adjunct Professor at Monash University, teaching various topics from drug delivery to team management.

With over 30 years of expertise in innovative drug delivery systems development for New Molecular Entities, 505b2 and Generics, Dr. Benameur provides expertise in oral bioavailability enhancement using polymer applications for drug delivery and optimized lipid-based formulations for enhanced absorption to maximize success and reduce attrition rate in pharmaceutical product development. Thus, he contributed to the formal introduction of Lipid-Based Formulations (LBF), Lipid Multi-Particles (LMP) for Pediatric and Geriatric populations and the enTRinsic Capsule Drug Delivery Technology. Dr. Benameur was also the co-founder and elected chairman of the LFCS consortium (www.lfcs-consortium.org).

Dr. Benameur holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Free University of Belgium after graduating as Chemical Engineer. He is also a lecturer at several academic and industrial symposia (US, Europe, China, Japan) and was awarded in 2005, the Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Japan’s Award. Dr Hassan is a member of several major scientific associations (AAPS, APGI, BCRG, PSTJ and CRS), the author & co-author of 100 peer-reviewed publications, and he is the inventor of 20 patents.